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Syracuse Language™


Syracuse Language, acquired by Cendant Corporation in 1998, publishes high-quality foreign language instruction software and Internet courses for home, school and business use. The company’s award-winning products include Success in Spanish, Success in French, eight titles in the Smart Start™ …

The JumpStart Learning System™


Knowledge Adventure pioneered grade-based educational software with its JumpStart Learning System™, the #1 selling learning series (PC Data, cumulative sales since its introduction in 1994) which provides an interactive solution for each stage in a child’s elementary learning career.

Designed …

The Fisher-Price®, software series


With nearly 20 CD-ROMs to choose from, the Fisher-Price® line of multimedia software offers children from 18 months to 7 years a unique combination of fun and learning. Leveraging Fisher-Price’s 65+ years of experience in childhood development, Knowledge Adventure’s expertise …

The Blaster Learning System™

The award-winning Blaster Learning System™ — including best-selling titles in the Math Blaster® and Reading Blaster™ series, as well as the upcoming Writing Blaster™ and Spelling Blaster™ — is a comprehensive, progressive learning series, which covers subjects from basic math …

Knowledge AdventureÒ Corporate Backgrounder


Knowledge Adventure® is a leader in developing, publishing and distributing award-winning, multimedia educational software for use in both homes and schools. The company is internationally renowned for its market-leading Math Blaster®, Reading Blaster™, JumpStart Learning System™, Fisher-Price®, Syracuse Language™, Dr. …

Partnership at Davidson


A successful partnership takes long hours, hard work, and a pledge towards a common goal. And while any partnership has its ups and downs, a successful one brings rewards far greater than any of its individual efforts.

At Davidson, we …