Kaplan®’s “Real World” software and test-preparation series

Knowledge Adventure and Kaplan are partners on two major product lines: the “Real World” software series (Math for the Real World™, Spanish for the Real World™ and French for the Real World™), and a line of test-preparation series (Higher Score™ on the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT and LSAT).
The alliance combines Kaplan’s 60 years of experience in educational content development and test-preparation; Knowledge Adventure’s leadership in educational software; and Cendant Software’s marketing and distribution strengths.

Dr. Brain™

These new “ultimate games for your brain” offer addictive gameplay, engrossing storylines and brain-twisting challenges for “tweeners” ages 9 to 12. Two titles in this line, which will debut this fall, are based on the character Dr. Brain, who presents kids with challenges to build their critical-thinking, logic and problem-solving skills. The Dr. Brain series also provides free access to multi-player gameplay over the Internet.

Play Zone!™

Play Zone! titles are the games parents love their kids to love. These CD-ROMs, based on popular licensed properties such as SuperMan™, Animaniacs™ and Warner Bros.’ new movie, Quest for Camelot™, combine exciting games with wholesome entertainment. Children ages 4 to 10 love this software for its thrills, challenge and pure fun, while parents appreciate the entertainment value without the needless violence of so many adult computer games.

Knowledge Adventure/Simon & Schuster Joint Venture
Knowledge Adventure and Simon & Schuster have teamed up to offer a range of exciting and innovative titles including Typing Tutor 7® and Let’s Talk About ME!® Some More. Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess and Extreme Chess have been popular with chess enthusiasts, while the upcoming Sabrina: The Teenage Witch™: Spellbound is based on the hit ABC television show, featuring voices from the TV cast.

With nearly one hundred titles in a wide range of subjects, Knowledge Adventure is one of the largest educational software groups in the world. Knowledge Adventure is part of Cendant Software Corporation, a business unit of Cendant Corporation, the world’s largest business and consumer services company. Cendant Corporation’s software divisions also include entertainment software leaders Sierra® and Blizzard Entertainment®, making Cendant Software one of the largest PC consumer software groups in the world.