The Blaster Learning System™

The award-winning Blaster Learning System™ — including best-selling titles in the Math Blaster® and Reading Blaster™ series, as well as the upcoming Writing Blaster™ and Spelling Blaster™ — is a comprehensive, progressive learning series, which covers subjects from basic math and word problems to pre-algebra, and reading titles for preschoolers to junior high school students.

The original Math Blaster debuted in February 1983, at a time when the combination of arcade-style fun and math exercises was revolutionary. The software was an instant hit, and soon became the world’s best-selling single educational title; over six million copies have been sold since its introduction.

Math Blaster and Reading Blaster are the standard in many schools, and receive an enthusiastic reception from parents, year after year. Many parents are convinced that this software has made a significant difference in their children’s success in school.